Dr. Geralde Gabeau, IFSI-USA founder and  Executive Director, has extensive experience working in public health initiatives, particularly those addressing women and children’s health both in the United States and in Haiti.  Her talent for team-building helps bring people together to address the needs of children and families in local communities. Since 2003, she has played various leadership roles in the Haitian community where she developed and directed various programs, supervised staff, ensured effective partnerships, maintained program and fiscal accountability, and managed many federal grants. 


Geralde earned a Doctoral Degree in Strategic Foresight from Regent University, a Masters Degree in Public Health from Boston University and a Masters Degree in Management from Cambridge College.  Her research portfolio includes “Leading from the Future for Leaders” which is a new approach to understanding the present through a futurist lens. 


Dr. Gabeau is well know in the Boston area and has received many awards for her work with children and youth. She lives in Hyde Park with her husband, Evans, and three teen-aged children.


Geralde is  originally from Haiti, a country that continues to suffer extreme poverty.  She came from a very large, very joyous, and very generous family.  At her house, there was  always had an extra plate, an extra seat for someone from the neighborhood who would otherwise go to bed hungry.  She knew at a very young age that she could and should do something meaningful to help improve the lives of less fortunate people.   At the age of 12, Geralde was tutoring children who in their teens were not being schooled.   Later, at the age of 18, she formed an organization called the Association for the Development of Brotherly Love (ADAF).  With help from high school and college students, she continued teaching children who lacked formal schooling. This program now serves over 500 children every year.


When Geralde moved to the USA, she continued to follow her passion to help make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  While studying for her Masters Degree in Public Health at Boston University, she began to formulate in her mind the idea of a non profit for Haitian Immigrant families.  



Geralde knew that Immigrant families need a place that they could call home, a place that would help them navigate their way as new residents.  This seed of an idea is now called the Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI). IFSI is a warm and welcoming home where children come to learn and grow and become all they can be.  Here they feel a part of an extended family. Here, they feel comfortable sharing their ups and downs because  they know their voice is being heard.  IFSI provides a sense of hope and connection, and Geralde's dream is that each child who comes in contact with IFSI will become wonderful citizens contributing to the social and economic fabric of their communities.





Christelle PV Loiseau's interests and educational background are a magical blend of music and business. Christelle began studying music  and playing the cello at Sainte Trinité Music school in Haiti at age 6. Christelle interned as a cello assistant teacher when she was 13, joining the Philharmonic Orchestra in Haiti at age 14, the youngest musician playing in the orchestra at that time. She attended intensive music classes in Cuba and performed a solo recital for the cello. She also managed ChordZ, a musical performance group.


In addition to her music education,  Christelle  earned a diploma in Business Management at Christ the King Secretarial School and then a Bachelor in Finance with a major in Economics and Minor in Accounting  at Institut des Hautes Etudes Commerciales et Economiques. Christelle worked as a Voucher Examiner at the American Embassy in Haiti for 8 years. She relocated to the United States in 2015, where she worked as an  Accountant at the Education Development Center, Inc. 


Christelle is passionate about music and music education.  She has big plans for the IFSI music program including a new ensemble program and developing performance opportunities for our students.





Judlie Dora Isidore has been working with IFSI since its inception in 2015 as a second grade Instructor for the Summer Program.  As Academic Program Coordinator,  Dora develops individualized academic curriculum for our After-School and Weekend students as well as trains and coordinates the professional teachers and volunteer tutors who work with the students on on a daily basis.


Dora wants to be a part of the IFSI family because it is a "phenomenal organization".  She loves all that IFSI stands for and sees the necessity of its mission, not only as a fellow immigrant, but as an educational professional.  She finds it amazing and inspiring to work with and watch the children's improvement as they progress through IFSI's academic programs.


Dora graduated from UMASS Amherst with a B.S. in Communication Disorders and hopes to work in Elementary Schools as a Speech Language Pathologist in the future.  She is fluent in French and Haitian Creole in addition to English.


She lives in Norwood with her family and brother, Dorian, who has also worked at IFSI as a volunteers and teaching assistant.