Dr. Geralde Gabeau, IFSI-USA founder and  Executive Director, has extensive experience working in public health initiatives, particularly those addressing women and children’s health both in the United States and in Haiti.  Her talent for team-building helps bring people together to address the needs of children and families in local communities. Since 2003, she has played various leadership roles in the Haitian community where she developed and directed various programs, supervised staff, ensured effective partnerships, maintained program and fiscal accountability, and managed many federal grants. 


Geralde earned a Doctoral Degree in Strategic Foresight from Regent University, a Masters Degree in Public Health from Boston University and a Masters Degree in Management from Cambridge College.  Her research portfolio includes “Leading from the Future for Leaders” which is a new approach to understanding the present through a futurist lens. 


Geralde is  originally from Haiti, a country that continues to suffer extreme poverty.  She came from a very large, very joyous, and very generous family.  At her house, there was  always had an extra plate, an extra seat for someone from the neighborhood who would otherwise go to bed hungry.  She knew at a very young age that she could and should do something meaningful to help improve the lives of less fortunate people.   At the age of 12, Geralde was tutoring children who in their teens were not being schooled.   Later, at the age of 18, she formed an organization called the Association for the Development of Brotherly Love (ADAF).  With help from high school and college students, she continued teaching children who lacked formal schooling. This program now serves over 500 children every year.


When Geralde moved to the USA, she continued to follow her passion to help make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate.  While studying for her Masters Degree in Public Health at Boston University, she began to formulate in her mind the idea of a non profit for Haitian Immigrant families.  Geralde knew that Immigrant families need a place that they could call home, a place that would help them navigate their way as new residents.  This seed of an idea is now called the Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI). IFSI is a warm and welcoming home where children come to learn and grow and become all they can be.  Here they feel a part of an extended family. Here, they feel comfortable sharing their ups and downs because  they know their voice is being heard.  IFSI provides a sense of hope and connection, and Geralde's dream is that each child who comes in contact with IFSI will become wonderful citizens contributing to the social and economic fabric of their communities.


Dr. Gabeau is well know in the Boston area and has received many awards for her work with children and youth. She lives in Hyde Park with her husband, Evans, and three teen-aged children.



Edner  J. Cayemite  is a long time affiliate of  Boston Public Schools (26 years).  Currently, he is teaching Math, Engineering and Science at West Roxbury Academy and serves as the Chief Academic Officer of Ethnicity at the  Disease Research Center. Previously, Edner was a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Pine Minor College and the University of Massachusetts as well as the Director of thePEngineering program at Dorchester High School. Over the last fourteen years, Professor Cayemite helped to shape structurally many organizations in the greater Boston area. 


Edner J. Cayemite earned a Doctorate in Leadership Management and Policy from the University of Massachusetts in Boston, Doctorate in Applied Theology from Talbot, a Masters in Data Communication (Engineering) and a Masters in Education. Professor Cayemite gives lectures to empower academically his surrounding community. He is constantly at the forefront of strategic development in education and research. Dr. Cayemite has presented over 40 papers and posters in areas such as literacy , education, cultural diversity, health care disparity, active empowerment, integrative technology /science/math /decentralization, interaction and full participation of people in system of development, the real meaning of equality in our humanity.


Edner J. Cayemite is a strong advocate for youth inclusion in decision making at Church, local grassroots organizations, schools and the community at large. He is a fervent believer of inclusion and participation in a democratic society. The dream of Dr. Cayemite is to ensure that the younger generation will be included in all aspects of the development of our society.  He has been with IFSI since its inception and has been instrumental in developing the weekend academy program as a way to give access to academic skills development and quality test preparation techniques to minority students.




Sara Charles has been working for IFSI since 2015, returning every year for the Summer Leadership Program. She has served as a lead teacher for 4 Summers with the Lower Academy and will now be serving during the school year. As our After School Program Coordinator, she is in charge of running a smooth operating program that serves our students with homework help, tutoring, Test Prep services and extra curricular activities such as Chess, Coding, and Music. 

Sara graduated from Bridgewater State University with a B.S in Mathematics. She will be pursuing a career in Education. She has served as a CityYear at the Charles H. Taylor Elementary where she worked in a 5th grade ELL classroom where she tutored and mentored her students.


Clara Raymond has been at IFSI since 2017 interfacing with parents and making everyone feel at home.  She enjoys playing games with the children as well as making sure they are well fed with nourishing snacks each day, Most importantly Clara embodies the "IFSI Family"  motto by making each child feel special and loved.


A native Haitian, Clara has been in the US since 1987 attending high school here and receiving a Liberal Arts Degree from North Shore Community College.  She lives in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston with her sons Olivier (25) and Isaac (18).




Maeva Veillard is a recent graduate of DePauw University where she received a Bachelor's of Arts degree in Global Heath and French.  As an immigrant living in the inner-city of Boston, Maeva embraced the rich cultural backgrounds that made up her neighborhood, but she could not help but identify the various disparities that plagued her community.  In high school, during her morning commute from Hyde park to Lexington, she noticed stark differences in both communities.  This experience led to her dedicating herself to addressing and dismantling systemic racism within Boston communities. 


Maeva served as a 5th grade math teacher at Roxbury Preparatory Charter School with the Uncommon Schools network.  She also served as a youth advocate leader at IFSI where she led workshops on race and immigration in Aearica.  She currently works as the Administrative Coordinator where she has the pleasure to work alongside Dr. Gabeau while also forging relationships with parents and students.  She loves coming up with systems and practices that continue to propel the work IFSI is doing within the Boston community.



Alex Carroll has been working since October 2018 as a Project Manager for IFSI, helping to plan community-building symposiums and other events, providing technical support for various programs, and participating in the youth after-school and Saturday programs. He is also working on developing the online Immigrant Navigator Model which will be a one-stop resource center for connecting immigrants to service providers with a goal of streamlining the immigrant integration process in the Boston region. He is currently a PhD student in the Agriculture, Food, and Environment program at the Gerald J. and Dorothy R. Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy at Tufts University. Previously, he spent three years working in Haiti, first as the Agriculture Program Coordinator of the nonprofit organization Meds & Food for Kids in the Nord (North) Department, then as the Director of the Centre d'Agriculture Saint Barnabas, an Episcopal agricultural technical college in the Nord-Est (Northeast) Department. Alex earned his Bachelor's and Master's of Science degrees in environmental science from Brigham Young University. He was born in Utah and grew up in North Carolina. 

Alex loves learning languages and is fluent in Haitian Creole, Antillean Creole, French, and Spanish. He was an adjunct faculty and Haitian Creole Instructor for five years at the Brigham Young University Center for Language Studies in Provo, Utah. He enjoys working on any and all IFSI projects, especially community advocacy and tutoring and mentoring young people.



Sindy Barreau previously worked as Senior Auditor in the accounting firm Consulting Experts and Associates, a member firm of Grant Thornton International, in Haiti for over 10 years, where he led the team in developing overall strategy, led systems analysis and control evaluation, and realization of the control of the accounts. Sindy recently completed the Bank Career Training Program at JVS Boston. This training has helped him improve customer service skills and professionalism while also exposing him to the differences between the U.S. and Haitian banking systems. In addition, Sindy is currently pursuing his  MBA in Accounting online from the University of the People in California.

As the Staff Accountant at Immigrant Family Services Institute (IFSI), Sindy establishes and monitors internal financial controls, performs monthly bank reconciliations and quick QuickBooks updates and prepares monthly financial reports. He wants to bring his experience and insights to make each families feel welcome and able to access the services at IFSI.