Our Mission


The Immigrant Family Services Institute's mission is to expedite the successful integration of recent immigrants into the social and economic fabric of the United States with justice and dignity.


IFSI focuses on children first.  Educating children yields enormous benefits not only for the children but for society as youth engage and become productive members of the workforce. When institutions like IFSI step in to guide  families and support children, we all benefit from the rich diversity immigrant families bring to our communities.  Immigrant Family Services Institute provides targeted academic support and enrichment services, using an holistic approach that addresses the unique challenges of immigrant children as a way to maximize their full potential in school and beyond.


In addition, IFSI advocates for immigrant rights, most recently addressing current TPS recipients by helping with  alternative paths to citizenship and providing accurate and timely information about and responses to new developments.   IFSI is currently developing a Navigator Program to provide one-stop service for recent immigrants to access education, employment, healthcare and other services critical to successful integration.


Our Strategies

IFSI works with new immigrants who have been in the country for less than ten years and are in need of our services.  We adopt a village model  by integrating children, parents, and grandparents, and other stakeholders into our programs.  We provide direct services to immigrants  to promote education and civic engagement. We also provide leadership support to community leaders  to strengthen their infrastructure in service delivery to immigrants.


We pursue a set of innovative strategies to facilitate the integration of our target population and improve their quality of life.  All IFSI programs and services are culturally appropriate, future-oriented, and make use of strategic partnerships, and computer applications when appropriate to connect immigrants with beneficial services and organizations.


Immigrant Family Services Institute aims to be a leading institute of leadership thought and action, providing an excellent framework from a futuristic and global perspective to equip providers and stakeholders to meet the emerging needs of immigrants in the United States and throughout the world. To do this, we are establishing strategic alliances with various sectors interested in meeting the health, education, social and economic needs of  immigrants. 

 IFSI works with colleges and universities, hospitals, churches, various immigrant groups, policy makers and key stakeholders including youth, parents and community leaders. IFSI executive committee and advisory board of directors reflect the many groups served by the organization.  They come from a broad mix of backgrounds, professions, and skills with broad connections to the immigrant community. Lead staff are immigrant leaders with years of experience working in the field.  Through the “village” model, IFSI plans to bring the best of each sector to strengthen the immigrant community.