Integration strategy 


  • IFSI-USA focuses on strategic integration initiatives tailored to the communities' needs to create a welcoming  environment for all.
  • IFSI-USA reaches out to existing stakeholders to learn about integration challenges and opportunities.
  •  IFSI-USA promotes a coordinated effort across various sectors to further the civic, economic, and linguistic integration  of immigrants.
  • IFSI-USA is developing  a welcoming tool kit for host families to facilitate the transition of their loved ones in the  community
  • IFSI-USA undertakes deliberate integration efforts to help immigrants becoming productive members of  society.
  • IFSI-USA develops programs that enhance and expand opportunities for immigrants and engage key stakeholders in  providing easier access to services for linguistic integration and education.


Key Actions include: 


  • Broadcast educational media campaigns about integration strategies for immigrants 
  • Expand local partnerships
  • Pilot and support innovative integration programs and activities
  • Develop Immigrant-focused career- pathways programs
  • Strengthen existing pathways to promote civic engagement
  • Produce tools to help immigrants become productive members in the United State


Our services include easy access to local training, English language acquisition, career path development, and support services for immigrants.  IFSI-USA uses a referral line and an orientation/welcoming package to educate families about various services available to them in their communities.  In addition, IFSI-USA facilitates workshops to help recent immigrants understand how to access community services.  IFSI-USA also works with providers of many immigrant-led organizations to share best practices for immigrant integration and offers training on how to become more immigrant-friendly.  IFSI-USA will also share data about various trends affecting the immigrant community in the USA and help leaders fine-tune strategies to be ready for the future.