Expediting Immigrant Integration with Justice & Dignity


PLUS+ After-School offers individualized academic support and enrichment including musical instrument lessons for children in grades K-8.


PLUS+ Weekend offers academic support and music ensemble lessons for children in grades K-12.


PLUS+ SUMMER offers academic and STEM curricula, a full range of activities including music, fitness, art and weekly field trips for children in grades K-8.


YOUTH LEADERSHIP trains students in grades 9-12 to serve as mentors to the younger children thereby providing leadership experience and the opportunity for give back to the community.



Community Outreach Weekly Radio Program discusses topics ranging from Public Health to School Choice.  Listeners can call in to ask questions and review information.


Workshops on a variety of topics including Advanced Education Opportunities, Financial Planning and Healthcare Assistance.



Know Your Rights Rallies help families affected by recent changes in TPS and DACA legislation by advocating for the rights of immigrants and providing accurate and timely information for constituents.


Group and Individual Consultations help families find alternative paths to citizenship and as well as develop individualized responses to specific changes affecting TPS recipients.


Partnership Program works to strengthen ties with other organizations  (Haitian American United, True Alliance Center, Mass. TPS Committee, Centro Presente and more) who serve immigrants by increasing the power of our constituents' voices and collaborating on advocacy work within the community. IFSI provides leadership support to community leaders and their organizations to strengthen infrastructure and service delivery to immigrants.


Youth Advocacy Program offers training for high school students to teach youth about their rights and how to obtain, disseminate and act upon accurate information.  Youth Advocates will bring their training and knowledge into their schools and teach peers about their rights and options.



NAVIGATOR Social Integration Program will serve families by providing one-stop education and access to information and receipt of a variety of services including but not limited to job generation, housing, health care, educational options and other social services.  This program will take advantage of IFSI connections with leading educational institutions and community agencies. 


FAST TRACK Career Acceleration Program will serve adults by breaking down the barriers to well-paying educationally appropriate employment for immigrants with professional backgrounds. In addition, IFSI will work one on one with adults on job listings and applications.